Monday, 6 February 2012

Boats and pieces.

IMG_0632     IMG_0618

We are moored opposite this big old boat called ‘Renfrew’, as it has no covers over the hold the rain water has to be pumped out regularly. The last boat to pass us was a flat iron barge being pushed along by a tug. It broke and slid the ice sheets over one another, therefore some parts will re-freeze and be much thicker.

IMG_0616     IMG_0615

This boat battery looks like it is well and truly had it’s day! There are areas allocated by BW for paying Winter Moorers, but not many boaters have fallen for this expensive idea at Braunston.

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Bella said...

It is sad to see those in authority have cast their parking charges to cover boats too.

The car parks in many of our market towns appear near empty recently; Bath (a city) being the only place seemingly untouched due to the large number of visitors.

The only problem with having a boat must be that there is no choice - you need to 'park up' somewhere. (Or maybe fits wheels?)