Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fuel delivery.

The working fuel boat Gosty Hill travels up and down the Oxford Canal providing a brilliant service to boats moored along the way.

IMG_0776 Gosty Hilmrton     IMG_0791 coal delivery

He pulls right alongside to transfer diesel straight into your tank. Then edges forward to bung a few bags of coal across into the cratch ready for stowing away.

IMG_0804    IMG_0811

We do appreciate their friendly service and news of what they encounter along their route.  We often give them some of whatever we have been baking, this time it was Cheese Scones to keep them going. It was an odd sort of a day with bright sun and showers on and off. Late afternoon this magnificent double rainbow appeared coming right down into the field opposite. We nearly ran round with a shovel to seek the illusive pot of gold!

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