Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Tuttle Hill Nature Reserve.

On Monday we moved on a couple of bridges to moor by Valley Cruisers Boatyard. There was plenty of nice dry wood among the trees for me to collect for kindling as we light the fire most evenings.

IMG_0197We went wandering up Tuttle Hill in search of the Windmill. There was an old picture of it on one of the nature reserve boards. As it was built in 1821 we thought it may have been demolished.  Then we could see it peeping through the trees. By poking the camera through the metal fence I managed to get a picture of it, an advantage of having a digital camera with a screen! The wooden top was gone but the red brick tower looked in good condition.

IMG_0200    IMG_0203

On the way back down we saw the vast area that was Judkin’s Quarry.

IMG_0206 view from Tuttle HillThis was the view from the hill as we emerged back down out of the woods. The canal boat and train looked like little models from here.

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