Thursday, 10 November 2011


IMG_0001 HawksburyWe turned left leaving the Greyhound behind as we passed through Sutton Stop Lock and onto the Oxford Canal.

IMG_0012    IMG_0015

The Stop Lock is just under twelve inches deep and it’s purpose was twofold in the past. It prevented water escaping from the Oxford  Canal into the Coventry Canal and while the boats were passing through they would be charged their canal tolls.

IMG_0017 Jo Keith    IMG_0018

We heard ‘Hadar’ coming before it stuck it’s nose around the corner and pulled over to let Jo and Keith pass chatting as they did so. Then it was on past the large  electricity station with it’s pylons striding out in all directions under the wintry skies. I rather like these and hope that they will remain as features in the landscape long into the future.

IMG_0020 B11I liked the dark branches of this half clothed Willow as it spread itself half way over Bridge 11. Having had to pass mooring spots which we found too shallow we spotted a 60’ strip of metal and clamped ourselves to it. We were just short of Newbold by the railway bridge which was rather noisy, but we managed to sleep well anyway as we were very tired.

IMG_0022 Newbold TunnelOn Wednesday we set off along through the colourfully lit Newbold Tunnel and saw Maffi and Molly striding along the towpath. So we pulled over to moor up for a natter over tea and cake, it was lovely to see him on the move again.

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