Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hawksbury Junction.

IMG_0069 Bosun

Iain and Alison arrived to fill us up with diesel before we left Bedworth. We were not surprised to see that Caleb had made himself at home and that Boson doesn’t mind sharing his bed with him. Here they are on rooftop lookout duties together. We were so pleased to see them, they provide a brilliant service for permanent moorers and continuous cruisers alike. After a long catch-up chat it began to rain quite heavily, but Iain had so much to tell us I got the umbrella out to keep us all dry on the stern of the boat. Eventually we gave them a freshly baked Ginger Cake as their resources on board are rather minimal. The diesel and bags of coal take up much of their boat space.

IMG_0070 Hawksbury tapOn arrival at Hawkesbury we spent quite a while filling with water as we were on empty and we had two bags of rubbish. Luckily there is a recycling facility here so we could also get rid of all the stuff we have been saving for that as well.  It is quite a way from the last services which were way back at Atherstone. The moorings here were full, but luckily we were able to pull the boat back onto one of the last vacant mooring. This evening there are boats moored overnight on all the water tap moorings too!

IMG_0073 J Sinclair Engineer    IMG_0085

J. Sinclair was the engineer of this fine cast iron bridge which spans the junction. The Engine House, which contained a beam engine, pumped water from a deep well into the canal from 1837-1913.

IMG_0084 Engine pumped water from deep well

There are numerous paths and footbridges all around the junction area. It is a great shame that the engine house lies empty,useless and lost with all the new housing surrounding it.

IMG_0083 The Greyhound

The greyhound Inn was doing a roaring trade, well it is Guy Fawkes Night isn’t it?

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Bella said...

After seeing our recycling grow into a heap by the washing machine I am mightily impressed you manage it with space at such a premium.