Friday, 25 November 2011


IMG_0383 Spring Haven     IMG_0387

Here we are in Spring Haven having our new batteries fitted and our Inverter reset by Kevin of Onboard Energy. He also made up some larger battery leads to replace some of the original ones which were too small. We can recommend Kevin for his friendly reliable service and helpful advice. We stayed here overnight hooked up via our shoreline to the electricity, a luxury indeed. It was so peaceful that we had a very good nights sleep, but it felt very claustrophobic being in a marina. Can you see Oakfield’s smiley face tucked tightly in 2nd from the left? The marina has a beautiful landscaped hillside setting, but as roads are some distance away it is a disadvantage not to have a car here.

IMG_0389 Charity Dock Bedworth IMG_0390

Oakfield was pleased to escape back onto the open canal to freely cruise along on a bright autumnal morning. We passed the interesting jumble that goes under the name of Charity Dock near Bedworth.

IMG_0392There are several semi-sunken old working boats here too. We took a break at Hawksbury junction before carrying on to Brinklow.

IMG_0401 OsloOslo is a new looking R W Davis boat which has an elegant tug-style deck.

IMG_0405Once upon a time these travellers may have been ‘New Age’ I suppose.

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