Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hawksbury Junction 2.

On Saturday evening the fireworks began just before dusk as we are surrounded by fairly flat land here we could hear them for miles around. They sounded just like popcorn, with an occasional whistle thrown in. Sunday we ventured along into the Greyhound for a delicious, melt in the mouth roast beef dinner, with four fresh vegetables, tasty roast potatoes and huge scrunchy Yorkshire pudding. 

IMG_0083 The GreyhoundAs it was a dull damp day on Monday we caught the bus into Coventry arriving in time for coffee at Wetherspoons ‘The Flying Standard’.

IMG_0047 The Flying StandardIKEA was a long walk over to the other side of the city where we bought a bowl to replace the one we broke. There are several open spaces and a market among the large variety of shops here, so plenty of browsing was done en route. Hundreds of Pigeons were strutting about, picking at scraps of food and showering themselves in the fountains.

IMG_0301We passed this lovely red sandstone church on our way to Spon Street.

IMG_0298 IMG_0297 The Old Windmill 16c

Many of the lovely old timber framed buildings here are medieval. The ‘Old Windmill’ is a sixteenth century building and has all it’s timber framing hidden under white plaster.

IMG_0293a Some stand in their original position and some were moved here from other parts of Coventry in the 1970s-80s.

IMG_0296    IMG_0295 Watch Close

The lane leading off to the right is called ‘Watch Close’ and gives a clue as to what they used to make here in the past. All of these buildings have been restored and stand within a conservation area. With so much of interest to see we didn’t notice how gloomy the weather was and enjoyed our day out. On our return journey the bus was packed, with people standing too. 

We were pleased to hear the good news that our friend John (nb Phoenix) has been the recipient of a successful liver transplant. Amazingly he was only in hospital for sixteen days and is feeling much better already.

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