Sunday, 6 November 2011

Around the Junction.

IMG_0090 HastyOn my usual stroll around I heard a harsh whistle and saw the Steam Tunnel Tug “Hasty” coming along the Coventry canal. Notice how the large chimney has to be lowered whilst going under the bridge.

IMG_0092Being steam driven the engine was running very quietly and with a whoosh of water it slowly turned into the basin.

IMG_0093 Hasty at Hawksbury JnctGliding underneath the bridge she gently drew over to moor outside the Greyhound. How about this for a lovely tug then Dave?

IMG_0096 Hasty b Brinklow launched Aug 2010The shapely iron bridge was cast by the Britannia Foundry in Derby in 1837.

IMG_0099 Robey Lincoln Boiler    IMG_0098 Sissons Gloucester Engine

The boiler on the left had a fire door with Robey, Lincoln on it. The engine was a Sissons made in Gloucester. This is a replica of a 1922 tug and was built at Brinklow. If you want to learn more have a look at their website


Dave Winter said...

Very nice,just a pity about the steam :)
Finding the build of Nb Yarwood interesting.Hope your prepared for winter and those batteries are fully charged.Take care.
Dave (Brassiclint)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures of Hasty, is there any possibility you could contact me through with the full size pictures so I can put them in my album, as you can imagine I spend most of my time in the engine room so don't really get the opportunity to take pictures from the bank, the one with Hasty coming through the bridge is especially good. Thanks - Keith Ward

bottle said...

Hi Keith

Have sent some photo's, would you be kind enough to e-mail us if you have received them or not. We appear to be having e-mail problems, we can receive OK.