Saturday, 5 November 2011

And so to Bedworth.

En route we passed this lovely turnover Bridge No 18 which the towpath crosses and leads back along to the disused Griff Arm.

IMG_0061 Turnover Bridge 18 nr Griff ArmThen we passed the entrance to the Ashby Canal to our left.

IMG_0062  Underneath B 15 we found a nice quiet spot to moor on a long straight stretch opposite a school playing field.

IMG_0064 B15 by past Ashby Canal BridgeThe signals were good here and it wasn’t too far to walk into Bedworth either.

IMG_0065 Bedworth Almshouses    IMG_0205

It was dull on Thursday morning when we walked up into the busy town and there was only one thing worth photographing. The ornate redbrick Almshouses which had to be viewed from a distance in respect of the residents privacy. From Bedworth trains run to Coventry or Nuneaton and there was a bus station next to which a new Tesco is in the process of being built. There are many charity shops so we were able to buy some books ready for our winter reading by the fire in the evenings. It was quite a distance to Homebase where Bottle bought a tool that he wanted. We walked back in the rain and I spent the afternoon cooking Ginger Cakes. Baking cakes is one of my favourite occupations on a dark wet day.

The leaves are falling fairly quickly now and wrapping themselves around the propeller when we are on the move. So we have to stop frequently, slow down, then gently go into reverse gear and that usually gets rid of them. We have run over some underwater obstacles during our summer voyage because the water has been low. I think one must have been a large sunken tree trunk which was the equivalent to a car going over a speed hump in slow motion for us, it was a bit scary at the time!

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