Sunday, 13 November 2011


IMG_0025a Rugby There had been a bit of heavy pruning going on in the park next to the canal when we arrived. You can see the Willow trees holding up their bare arms to the sky. As Friday was as dull as ditchwater we busied ourselves within the boat for most of the day.

IMG_0025b over the railbridge Saturday was much brighter and so we decided to walk into Rugby to browse around the shops and have a snack somewhere. The bridge which we walk over spans many railway lines busy with passenger and freight trains. Once we hit the outskirts there is a lovely park well laid out with flower beds, trees and a children’s play area catering for all ages.

IMG_0025d Rugby entreThe clock tower stands in the town centre and to the left of it is where the markets are held on the pedestrian streets. We made our way up to Joto’s Toy shop for a look around. There are not many of these old fashioned toy shops around now. The people who run it are very knowledgeable about what they stock and will offer their help when needed. Then on to Wilkinson’s to buy a couple of ceramic non stick ovenproof dishes as mine had cracked.

IMG_0025c Rugby Industrial HeritageWe like the plaque depicting Rugby’s Industrial Heritage. Needless to say the whole place was alive with Saturday shoppers everywhere. So we made our way to Wetherspoons for a snack and a rest before the long walk back. On Sunday we did a trolley run down the path to Tesco’s for all the bargains. Now we are stocked up to the gunnels with three for two deals! En route we passed a couple of chaps in the new housing estate doing their car maintenance. It was hard not to notice how the sun highlighted their bum cleavages as they bent over their cars, not nice! It is not often that we have a Sunday roast aboard, but I made an exception with chicken, stuffing,  green vegetables and roast spuds, very enjoyable. The new dishes worked a treat and are so easy to clean afterwards too.

Monday again and the workmen will be back on the building site making a noise. They have been on site for more than a year now. We look forward to their completion as Oakfield is just blanketed in their dust blowing over.

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