Sunday, 21 August 2011


As we didn’t think we would take Oakfield up the Macclesfield Canal this year, we cheated and went to see the town by bus. It was a bit hair raising sitting on the top of the double decker bus around all the twisty lanes and we got held up for 40 minutes in road works.

IMG_0171 Macclesfield Museum     IMG_0172

We paused at Congleton which is also known as ‘Beartown’ I think. Anyway we saw a variety of large sitting bear statues at the road junctions. Macclesfield sits on the top of a steep hill and the bus just about made it up to the tiny bus station on the edge. There is a museum in this large, pillar fronted building with a Tourist Information office next door where we obtained a street map. I think the church was sandstone, it was difficult to tell as it was a bit black.

IMG_0173    IMG_0174 Almshouses 1895

After perusing the shops we made our way downhill towards the canal. Some of the side streets still have their cobbled surfaces. The town did have a bit of a tired, run-down feel about it although it was bustling with people. We passed these old 1895 Almshouses en route to the canal.

IMG_0175 Macclesfield Canal   

We walked along quite a stretch of the canal which was a bit wild and unkempt. The only item of interest we could find was this old Silk Mill with a boatyard alongside it. As we couldn’t find anywhere to have a snack we returned into town to look. We found a very homely little cafe right next to the bus station. From our table by the window there were sweeping views across the valley to the hills in the distance.

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Dave and Debby said...

The mill by the marina in Macclesfield isn't an old silk mill, it's Hovis Mill. Now expensive apartments.

Shame you didn't visit Macclesfield today, as it's the monthly Treacle Market - part Farmers Market, part antiques and crafts. Lovely Gloucester Old Spot sausages from the barbecue as well!

Dave and Debby (CWDF)