Monday, 15 August 2011

Caldon Adventure.

We left Etruria up the deep staircase lock and cruised along through the once busy industrial area which is now slowly being replaced with new houses. We found a nice quiet country mooring above Engine Lock. This canal is rather twisting and the bridges are rather low taking  Bottle’s complete concentration at times.

The next day we did ten locks and two lift bridges which were hydraulically wound up using the windlass.

IMG_0021 Pumping Station

We admired this ornate Pumping Station, then beside the lock there was a nice sculpture incorporating aspects of the locally potteries.


At Hazelhurst we passed the junction that goes off along to Leek and carried  on to Denford. By then we were feeling a little peckish and spotted The Hollybush pub right next to the canal so we pulled in. It was rather hot and the pub was busy, but we didn’t have to wait long to be served with our food, phew.

IMG_0031 Hollytree Inn 10mls from Etruria Feeling refreshed we carried on to moor just below Cheddleton. En route we had passed this strange roundabout in the middle of the canal just before Endon Basin. We passed beneath the substantial Hazelhurst Aqueduct is constructed of red brick, painted white. This carries the Leek Branch of the canal over the main line.

IMG_0024 Roundabout   IMG_0030 Hazlehurst Aqueduct 1841

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