Thursday, 18 August 2011

Froghall Station.

As the station was closed when we were up there on Oakfield when we returned back down to Cheddleton we caught the steam train up there. I had to coax a reluctant Bottle to go with me, but he DID enjoy his day out really.


There was a souvenir shop, cafe and picnic areas here, a signal box, a water tower and a newly built waiting shelter on the opposite platform. We decided to return on a later train so that we could mooch about and enjoy some homemade cakes with tea.


This was the engine pulled us up to Froghall, then ran around to head the train back. We travelled in the first class carriage which had nice comfortable sprung seats. IMG_0071d

To our surprise there seemed to be a lady fireman shovelling the coal for the driver and another man who decoupled the engine to run around, plus a visitor along for a ride in the cab.

IMG_0071f    IMG_0048a Black Lion 

We had to wait at the platform on our way back at Consall Forge to let the diesel train pass us by.

IMG_0046j Captain Charles

‘Captain Charles’ was in the siding when we got back to Cheddleton.


This one didn’t seem to have a name just a number 5197.

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Dave Winter said...

Hi Both,
Enjoying reading your travels.
Read about engine 5197 here.