Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Cheddleton Station.

Most weekends during the summer months Cheddleton Station runs steam trains along the five mile track as far as Froghall.

IMG_0038b    IMG_0046 Cheddleton

We were lucky enough to have arrived on a Sunday to see them in action. The Gothic style station was opened in 1849 and has a small museum, various rolling stock on the sidings around the Engine Shed, and a small Tea Room. Bottle enjoyed a tasty crisp bacon roll with his coffee.

IMG_0001 Boris lookalike    IMG_0002

We had noticed the bacon relaxing over the wall earlier. Do you think the one on the left is a Boris look-a-like?

IMG_0035 Cheddleton Signal BoxFrom our mooring we could see this U.S.A. engine by the Cheddleton Signal Box. Through the porthole on the other side we had cows meandering back and forth.

IMG_0042    IMG_0037 cows

We liked the wooden crate of ‘Beer at Home’ and the neat little stove in the waiting room.


This is just one of the items on display in the tiny museum.

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Anonymous said...

beer at home was the slogan of the old davenports brewery in birmingham. they had a massive home delivery service and with fewer pubs for a brewery of its size that you would expect. my wife can still sing the tv ad: beer at home means davenports. skpt