Saturday, 20 August 2011



Saturday we walked up to Sandbach and luckily it was a market day with stalls around the Town Hall. 

IMG_0154 War Memorial, Marketplace

We had a freshly prepared snack in quaint, ‘Ye Olde Black Bear Inn’ dating from 1634. There are several pubs clustered around the War Memorial/Market Place which retains it’s original cobblestones.

IMG_0154a Sanbach      IMG_0159 Cottage b1570

These two beautifully carved Anglo Saxon Crosses of 634 AD had been smashed up and scattered by the Puritans. It is thanks to the relentless work of one man who relocated all the bits and reassembled them, that we may enjoy seeing them here today. Many timber framed cottages can be found around the cobbled backstreets. This one is a grade two listed building dated 1570.

IMG_00158 Cake House left Drs surgery right

The cottage on the left has the amusing name of ‘The Cake House’, while the one on the right looks newly built and is the Doctors Surgery. We were fascinated by Sandbach and found many streets interesting to walk around. By the way there is a Waitrose in the town centre too.

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