Friday, 15 October 2010

Winkwell to Apsley

When we awoke this morning there was no weather as everywhere was just grey. After a few locks we briefly moored up at Hemel Hempsted to see what it was like.

IMG_0128 Hemel Hempsted

As we approached the town we were amazed just how brave the Moorhens were walking on the grass verge right next to the busy road. They are quite secretive birds and usually disappear as soon as the camera is switched on. Although there is a small stream running from the shopping centre beside the road and on down into the canal. After negotiating the underpasses we emerged at the centre. We were impressed with the variety of shops there were lining the wide main street which has been pedestrianised. We had a snack in Marks and Spencer's and got our coffee card stamped as after nine cups you get one free!

We then moved off and managed to moor up on the offside outside Sainsbury’s, for some supplies, squeezing in between two boats that had clearly overstayed the allocated 24 hrs. Venturing a little further on we found a very nice mooring surrounded by many desirable blocks of flats with neat gardens, a marina, a few shops and pub called The Paper Mill. As it has become a bit chilly recently we are lighting the fire most evenings now.

IMG_0129 Moorhen

I,m afraid I had to evict Winston after he came into the cratch to make a new web where I wanted to hang the washing. Now he has just lowered himself down through the mushroom roof vent on a long spidery thread right in front of my face as I do this blog! He’ll have to go.

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