Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Aquadrome stroll.

As we were about to set off on our wanderings the fuel boats were just pulling alongside out neighbour, so luckily we were able to buy some diesel from him. It is good to keep these boats on the canals as they offer a friendly service to all in need. Especially as there are many customers who are living on permanent moorings along this canal who do not move their boats.

IMG_0004 helping Argus Bletchley through lock

We then helped him up through the lock with his two boats, Bletchley and Argus which were lashed together.

IMG_0006 Ape 50

A little way down the towpath we spotted this sweet little three wheeler which had ‘Ape 50’ on the front of it. Anyone seen one of these before? I expect it is very economical on fuel.

IMG_0009 Stockers Lock cottage displayOutside Stockers Lock Cottage there was a variety of interesting canal ironmongery on display. Probably items that have been collected over the years by the lock keeper.


This is part of Stockers Farm, This scene is rather reminiscent of Constables Haywain painting. The farmhouse is a large rambling old place and is surrounded by stables and horses in the fields.

2010_1019Rickmansworth0020004      IMG_0020 Aquadrome sailing              








Stockers Lock bottom gate was rather like the hanging gardens of Babylon. We then turned into the water park with several lakes, woodland and wildlife walks all around them. This area is known as The Aquadrome and on one of the lakes there is a sailing club. A few little boats were out tacking back and forth in the breeze.


We ended up at busy The Cafe in the Park which served delicious little snacks. The  fresh flowers on the table in there looked as if someone had painted them. We watched the squirrels outside doing acrobatics to reach the berries on the ends of the branches while we ate our cheese toasties and drank warming mugs of coffee. On the way back we called in to Tesco to see if we could buy a Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake, as the one that Dave brought to share with us was so nice. However we couldn’t find one in the chilled cabinet, never mind eh.

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