Saturday, 9 October 2010

52 Miles from Braunston.

 IMG_0081 plane weathervane

The weathervane plane that adorns the Leighton Buzzard Tesco's is there because during WW1, 42 Vickers Vimy FB2 Bombers were assembled here in the Coachbuilding firm of Morgan and Co’s factory. After listening to The Sounds of the Sixties we set off this morning under rather grey skies, but at least it was dry.



IMG_0084 Keepers Cottage 1914This is Keepers Cottage which has the date 1914 above the doorway.

IMG_0085 The Laughing Cavalier We have seen many boats with interesting names and paintings on their sides. This has to be one of the best ones so far. Other amusing boaty names include, Passing Wind, Just Furtling, The Children’s Inheritance and Muchgiggling.

Our present mooring place is by this Grand Union milepost in a nice quiet spot.

 IMG_0088 MP Braunston 52m 

          IMG_0082 posing duck

Ah, how nice to sit down at last, put yer feet up and enjoy a bowl of boat cake covered in hot custard.  Lovely jubbly, as Del Boy would say!        

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