Thursday, 28 October 2010


Today we thought we would go by shanks pony across the parks over The Serpentine Bridge to the Natural History Museum.

IMG_0003 Monkshood

We were surprised to see Monkshood in bloom with the Bumble Bees busy squeezing themselves into all the flowers. We crossed the bridge over the Serpentine to see the Princess Diana Fountain which was busy with families enjoying themselves.


           IMG_0024 Albert

Leaving Hyde Park we crossed over into Kensington Gardens and saw the memorial that Queen Victoria had erected for her husband Prince Albert.


On all four corners of the monument there were interesting animal groups. A Bull, a Buffalo, a Camel and this Elephant which was my favourite. Albert sits facing the Royal Albert Hall which is a very spectacular building.

IMG_0028 Rpyal Albert Hall

Moving on we passed another building with an ornate frontage which was The Royal College of Organists.

IMG_0031 Royal College of Organists     IMG_0040 Natural History Museum

Eventually we arrived at the Natural History Museum only to find that the queue was about a mile long! Well I suppose it is a popular venue for the half term holidays. Anyway, we didn’t fancy spending the rest of the afternoon stood in a queue so tried the Science Museum where we were able to go straight in.

IMG_0049 Rover

We managed to cover half of the ground floor before stopping for a well earned cup of coffee and a rest. There were all types of ancient transport and industrial engineering displays. This old Rover with aluminium bodywork was one of Bottles favourites. It was the first Jet Car to be built, I wouldn’t mind a spin round in that, would you? After seeing the other half we thought we had better leave the other five floors for another time.

IMG_0061 Squirrel perch     IMG_0065 view from cratch

There were plenty of Squirrels bounding about in the park eating and busy burying their winter hoards of nuts. We arrived back at Oakfield to find that we had a new neighbour. This is now the view from our cratch.

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