Friday, 8 October 2010

Leighton Buzzard

We cruised along in brilliant sunshine, which has lasted for several days now, although it is a bit breezy at times. I had the washing hanging in the open cratch and out of the side hatches while we were travelling and a couple of items nearly blew away! This is another of our favourite mooring spots as the town has so much to offer. We shopped at Tesco, Morrison's, Aldi and Waitrose. Bottle bought himself a new fleece from Millets, much against his will! He’ll be glad of it in the winter though underneath his wet weather gear. We visited Cookies Cafe for their lovely coffee and hot snacks which was really good value for money. While Bottle took the goodies home to stash away I toured the Charity shops for more reading matter and found four good books.

Today Dave Winter came over for coffee and boaty chat. He brought bought cake, but I had made boat cake as well. He has started gathering a few things together that he will need when he embarks on his new life afloat on  his own narrow boat. Thanks for the lovely Lemon Drizzle Cake Dave, it was lovely to see you again.

IMG_0067 FungusThere are some weird and wonderful fungi about after this warm wet weather. No idea what these are though. We also noticed the abundance of Crab Apples, Slows, Hips and Haws, Elderberries there are along the towpath for the birds and squirrels to feast upon this Autumn.

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