Friday, 15 October 2010


IMG_0122 Smithy at Berkhamsted Our overnight mooring was right outside Waitrose opposite a lovely park. The little River Bulborne which flows alongside the canal here was once a thriving watercress bed. As we left Berkhamsted the Smithy was already at work at his forge on his little Butty attached to his narrow boat. He creates all kinds of wrought iron work and has a selection of planters and barbeques made from old gas bottles for sale.

IMG_0121 SmithySome items were displayed on the roof of his boat, and among other things that were out on the grass was this splendid garden arch.

We enjoyed mooching around the little shops in town and did a bit of Christmas shopping in a great toyshop called Hamlin's.         IMG_0123

IMG_0120 locked lockgates Berkhamsted  

The lock gates below the town needed a BW key to allow you to operate them. The lock is just visible at the top of the post. Another device with a chain and padlock was on the gate paddles, although these were all missing. This is the first time that we have encountered them on our travels so far. This very attractive house (above) was probably once part of old warehouse buildings on the wharf.

IMG_0126 Three Horseshoes by Winkwell swingbridgeThe Three Horseshoes pub has stood at Winkwell since 1535.  

IMG_0127 Winkwell Lock

This Heron was almost tame and didn’t move while we passed through Winkwell bottom lock!

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