Sunday, 3 October 2010

Mingling in the Rain

IMG_0044 Big Pears

As we made our way up to the ‘Stoke Bruerne at War’ event we passed this nice little cottage. The tree on the left had gigantic Pears still just about hanging on despite all the wind and rain.

IMG_0052 Mingling in the rainSome dame was singing out of the rain under the bridge. Many people were sporting their forties fashions including Navy, Army and RAF uniforms.

IMG_0054 Ford There was a small display of vintage vehicles including this little black car which I think is a Ford. If it is, my Dad had one of these and it brings back many happy memories of the times when it broke down!

IMG_0046 Dodgems

The best activity for entertaining the children was probably driving in the Dodgem Cars as they were undercover.

IMG_0049 Ducks 

The Ducks weren’t impressed with all the extra activities though.

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