Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Visiting “Ricky”

IMG_0149 Elizabeth

IMG_0154 Crink Cronk

Reluctantly we moved on down from Cassiobury Park on Monday passing some unusual boats on the way called ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Crink Cronk’.

IMG_0153 Designer Chickenhouse

We very much liked the idea of the designer chicken house in one of the canal side gardens. There was a rain cover over part of the run and little round bowls on stalks for them to eat and drink from, very posh indeed!

  IMG_0155 Batchworth Lock  Rickmansworth services                IMG_0156 nb Victoria

When we opened the bottom gates of Batchworth Lock a BW workboat was moored on the services with nb Victoria lashed alongside it.  Guess what, we needed to use the services here too. So after waiting a good half hour in the lock for Victoria to finish, she reversed off back to her mooring and we pulled alongside. Afterwards we went to moor further on just past the bridge. A while later BW had managed to secure their tree crunching machine on the front and came past us.

IMG_0157 Batchworth Lock Model Canal RWT

Just next to the service point is this delightful model canal layout operated by Rickmansworth Waterway Trust.IMG_0159 They also have a shop and trip boat moored in the basin.


These are two of the lovely hand painted adverts that are placed along the fence. We had a walk into “Ricky” town centre to explore.  We popped into Wetherspoon’s Pensylvanian for a snack and I thought I would try the Chilli Noodles. Well my mouth was soon on fire and my lips also began to burn as it was so hot. Luckily I ate Bottles excess salad after it, which cooled things off a bit. 

IMG_0163 Funky FolliclesI thought this was rather an amusing name for a hairdressers salon, ‘Funky Follicles!                                                            

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