Friday, 28 March 2014


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Whilst at Hillmorton we enjoyed a lovely home cooked roast lunch at the On recommending it to Paddy and Ruth they also went there for a big breakfast and were very impressed. They have a varied menu and everything is freshly cooked by Ian and served up by Leslie, who make a brilliant husband and wife team. They have been there many years and have just adopted the stretch of canal between Kent Road Bridge and the Moors Bridge. Canal Chef acts as a base for the 33 volunteers that have made a big difference to the area already. Well done to them all, we have noticed the improvements already which attract many visitors. We waved goodbye to Paddy and Ruth as they set off into into the early morning mist. These are a few pics I took when I popped into Rugby for supplies. The statue of Webb Ellis stands near the Lawrence Sherriff School which has some fine carved stone details adorning it.

IMG_5755    IMG_5767    IMG_5716

Then it was time to pick up our car from Enterprise who have now moved into a more accessible spot near the centre of Rugby. We left early morning to head off down south as we had been invited to our grandsons 5th birthday party. Mr Niggles kept the children well entertained with his lively music and ingenious antics all afternoon. He even brought his own brief snowstorm which was a nice surprise for everyone! We all joined in the fun and games of course, until it was time for party food and birthday cake, after which we all left thoroughly exhausted. We noticed  that the man came along checking on the water levels in the canal.

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