Friday, 7 March 2014


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Soon we were off down the locks because our water tank was almost empty. Just look at that blue sky, we watched as two pairs of Buzzards spiralled upwards above us. Perhaps the birds and animals are just as happy as we are for a warm sunny day at last. Several boats were on the move today including a hire boat with a group of females on board. While we were in the lock on our way down I saw a boat approaching.  After gesticulating to them about entering the duplicate lock, there was no response , so I opened the bottom gates anyway. Some got off with a book instead of a windlass while their boat crept gingerly in. ‘This is our first lock they said, so we gave them a few words of advice which they politely thanked us for. We have had a few days away visiting our family which is always enjoyable, but also very tiring. So, it is nice to get back on board to relight the Squirrel and recharge all of our batteries!

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