Thursday, 13 March 2014


IMG_5638   IMG_5646   IMG_5639 The Lichgate Cottages

The advert in the bus shelter seemed cheap enough as we caught the bus up to Rugby. Graham from nb Shirley Ann was already aboard so we chatted to him en-route. Then we changed onto the Coventry bus which took c50 minutes.On arrival it was time for a welcome coffee in W’s ‘The Flying Standard’ (the building in the centre picture), named after the car that was once made here.The fine old timber framed buildings to the right are the restored Lichgate Cottages.

IMG_5642   IMG_5641   IMG_5640 Coventry

I popped into Holy Ttrinity Church nearby to have a look at the stained glass. The west window and a couple of details in two others were very pleasing. The elephant symbol on a red and green shield appeared on the Coventry coat of arms as far back as 1441. We perused several shops and passed through the circular marketplace where we bought some vegetables and spotted this useful Rickshaw. 


Then it was on into Ikea to get some new memory foam pillows. Of course we had to have our mid-day snack on their top floor restaurant with it’s wide sweeping views across the city. It was fun to watch the people in the street below rushing about like tiny ants while we enjoyed our lunch. We walked back across the city to catch our bus. The bus stops are in a mess as they are still in the process of being refurbished. On returning to Rugby we found the hourly bus was taken off at 3.40 for the school run, so we had to go by ’shank’s pony’! All in all it was continually warm and sunny, which made for a grand day out...

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