Tuesday, 11 March 2014


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How nice it has been to be moored with friends, but Del and Al had to leave quite early in the morning. We were up early too to wave them goodbye! What a beautiful calm warm sunny day for a cruise it was too. After they had gone we reversed back into their sunnier spot. When I was tying our bow rope off I noticed that an animal had been walking over it during the night. Does anyone know what animal these tiny footprints may belong to?

IMG_5631   IMG_5633   IMG_5635

Later on we heard a boat horn and Maffi had arrived on the Milly M! The cabin boy jumped into his boots, hauled him in and helped him moor up next to us. He and Molly then came aboard for a mid-day snack with us. After I had poured the boys a Guinness each I left them chatting and took Molly for a walk.

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