Sunday, 16 March 2014

Misty Moisty Morning.

IMG_5637 IMG_5647 Hillmorton IMG_5649

We left the sheep to enjoy their greens and cruised along to fill our empty water tank. Meanwhile as the water was hot I had a quick shower. It took a while as the water was spraying out from the hose connection at the tap!

IMG_5652 IMG_5651 IMG_5654 IMG_5656 Badsey Angel

There always seems to be a boat moored on the lock landing above the bottom lock. Anyway, it wasn’t busy so we stayed in the lock while we took our rubbish to the bins. Volunteer lock keepers have taken the time to spruce the place up with some colourful flowers, perfick. The ivy has begun to be peeled off the walls of Lock Cottage here. I thought the big window could easily be enlarged and a little balcony added as it is south facing. I could sit there dreaming,with a glass of wine watching the boating world go by, if only it were mine! Canal Chef was now open after their winter break. Outside Angel’s large wooden tiller was propped up against the wall undergoing some tlc. We heard on the ‘grapevine’ that the 6,200 houses are to be built over the hill where the Rugby Radio Station is at Hillmorton. So, very soon the whole canal-scape will be dramatically altered around here.

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