Saturday, 29 March 2014

Goodbye, again.

IMG_5813 IMG_5814 Lock 1 IMG_5822

We received a call from Ruth saying that they were leaving the next day, would we like to have a farewell evening meal together at The Boat House. We talked over just about anything and everything while we had dinner, and pudding, a real treat. Setting off ahead of their boats the next morning we had the bottom lock-gates open ready for them to glide into. C&RT chaps had been and fixed some extra wood across under the lock beam to stop boats lifting the gates off. This has happened a couple of times recently down on the Kennet and Avon Canal. The butty was towed on a long line to the lock, then breasted up with the motor for the rest of the ascent cross-strapped together.

IMG_5832  IMG_5839 Tea time  IMG_5835

With Paddy and Ruth taking it in turns on the boats, three of us made steady work of operating the locks. Lister was well behaved as he walked up the locks and patiently lay down while we were working. Soon we reached the top lock with it’s lovely cottage with it’s garden draped in Primroses, perfick! In fact all the lock side cottages have been lovingly renovated and are now occupied. We stopped briefly for a very welcome cup of tea before waving them goodbye again as they headed for the tunnel.

So look out for them at Foxton when they will be part of the Historic Boat gathering there on the April 19th. Take a peak at their website to see some their wares on

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Ruth Chamberlain said...

Thanks again for your help. We only got as far as Norton Junction! Don't go near Watford flight next week cos you'll get seconded again! Ruth and Paddy xx