Monday, 17 March 2014


11  IMG_5689 CN and Echoes  IMG_5692 Lister

We spent the weekend with Jacqui and Tony on Timewarp who are now trading from their boat. They do painted canal-ware, home made wine, rustic wooden mushrooms and brass tiller pins. We bought a nice piggy one from Tony’s varied selection of well made tiller pins. Khali liked stretching out on the grass enjoying the sunshine. We waved them off early ish  in the morning it was nice to have company and chat about our travels on the canals.. Then we had a text from Paddy and Ruth on mb Comfortably Numb and Butty Echoes. asking if our offer of helping them with the locks was still on. So off we went with our windlasses and met them watering up. Lister was rather ponderous about jumping ship by himself.

IMG_5694 Scooby  IMG_5697  IMG_5701  IMG_5708 Echoes

Meanwhile Scooby had to keep his eye on the food, just in case a morsel was dropped! Then we were off and had the gates open as the two boats approached. Fine judgment was required by Richard to release the butty at the right moment. Then they each glided straight into the locks. Scooby was acting as lookout from the roof of the butty with Ruth. After they moored up we were treated to a guided tour of their newly stretched butty all fitted out beautifully by Richard and expertly painted by Ruth.. Butty Echoes has a neat back cabin with a Jotul stove, double cross bed and a couch. Then there is a workshop and the next section is the shop from which they sell their painted handiwork, canal side, and at boat shows.


Ruth Chamberlain said...

Thank you for your help yesterday, it was really appreciated! Thank you also for the lovely review of the butty xx Ruth and Richard

Wozie said...

We needed the excecise, anyway, it's always a pleasure to meet up with you and your doggie crew!