Friday, 12 April 2013

Watford Village.


It was a rather misty start to the day but the sun did peep through eventually so we decided to explore the village. The sheep were resting underneath the trees as we walked up the road from Bridge 8.

      IMG_2998         IMG_2999

They must have had a talented blacksmith hereabouts in the past, as all the gates to the fields were of different designs.

      IMG_3002          IMG_3001

The scaffolders were erecting their platforms around the 13 th Century Church as we passed by. This old tabletop tomb in the graveyard had been very intricately carved with a ribbon pattern.

        IMG_3003                  IMG_3005

Most of the houses and garden walls were made of a very attractive rich brown stone.

          IMG_3007                 IMG_1370

The local blacksmiths work was evident again on the lovely old rustic hinges on this barn door. He had stamped his little trademark sunshine on each piece of his work too . Some people are sooo nosey, aren’t they?

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