Sunday, 28 April 2013

Norton Junction.


It is always a pleasure to spend a few days here accompanied by the birds who sing from  dawn until dusk whatever the weather is like.


This little Robin sang for ages in the evening sunlight, despite having to cling tightly onto the branch in the gusting winds. We joined up with our four boating friends for a meal together in Rugby while we were moored there. Also we hired a car and motored off to say our farewells to Bottles sister who will be flying back to Australia shortly.

            IMG_3132                IMG_3133

Mark came by on Callisto and filled up our diesel tank, he said that Kali would soon be having her thick winter coat trimmed. Then he will be busy painting his boat and fitting a new propeller, so won’t be back out on the canal again until June. We were told that the New Inn will be opening it’s doors again in a couple of weeks time, good news indeed for those weary boaters who have come up the locks! As the weather had turned hot over the last few days we have let the Squirrel go out, thoroughly cleaned it and swept the chimney, we also blacked it. Our friends cruised along to join us and we all sat out on the towpath chatting over drinks making the most of the sunshine.

IMG_3122Mr and Mrs Duck were taking their eleven newly hatched offspring exploring along the canal.

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