Monday, 29 April 2013



IMG_3137Before leaving Norton Junction we filled with water having done loads of washing. At Watford there are water taps at the top and bottom of the locks. and three through Braunston, which is a luxury! We headed the little convoy of three boats though the tunnel and then down the six locks.

IMG_3140 With boats on their way up and our friends coming up to help us we made it down in good time to moor next to them at the footbridge on the 48hr moorings. The locks were closed for the day on the 25th for adjustments to be made to lock 3. So, there was a rush of boats going up the evening before, and many more coming down the morning afterwards!

IMG_3143My favourite old tugboat “Vesta” was basking in the sun.


Now we are back to the usual English weather of blue skies turning dark with showers, hail and winds every ten minutes! Also the Squirrel has had to be re-lit in the chilly evenings. We can run the central heating, but it is not so homely as a solid fuel stove we find.

IMG_3154The Hartley's narrow-boat was appropriately named “More Jam” with the Boathouse in the background. The six of us met up for an evening meal there before we parted company on our summer cruising. It has been lovely to spend time in good company once again discussing various boating topics, families and world affairs!

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