Sunday, 14 April 2013

Watford Village 2.

           IMG_3037                IMG_3053

As I had taken my letter to Crick and it had got wet I brought it back and put it in a new envelope. Today I strolled into Watford to see if there was a letterbox there.

IMG_3044There were two at the old post office, although the one mounted in the wall was blanked off. The date stone on the front was 1864 and it was now in residential use.

           IMG_3040                IMG_3038

There were other date stones too, some old and some new. This little car was just like the one my Dad had, but I cannot remember what make it was, unfortunately.

IMG_3042     The old school looked nice, all these houses were in Station Road.

           IMG_3041                 IMG_3046

This one was called the sidings, so perhaps it was near the railway at one time. There were several posters saying ‘No Wind Farm Here’. it seems everyone will need electricity in the future, but they don’t want wind turbines anywhere near them!

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