Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Braunston 2.


We slipped into an available space on the 48hr moorings opposite The Boathouse pub. Very convenient as we were meeting up with our four boating friends for an evening meal together on Saturday. Most of their menu was BOGOF, or Two for One, so to dine cheaply you really need a partner. Of course we all had to indulge in the luxury of having puddings too. From our vantage point opposite on the canal the place seemed to be packed out and busy all weekend.

IMG_3171Some boats have been here a bit longer than the specified time limit though I think! 

        IMG_3169             IMG_3166 

As I walked by the little floating cafe Gongoozlers Rest very early, the delightful smell of fried bacon made me feel hungry. It seemed to be packed with customers enjoying having their breakfast cooked for them!

IMG_3165I spotted another nice little tug on my way up to the boat shop to acquire one more of their organic loaves before we left..

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