Tuesday, 9 April 2013


IMG_2983Well we very much enjoyed our stay in Crick where we met our friends and went to the Red Lion for a meal. On Sunday night the six of us made up a team for the quiz night there too. Andy and Irene nb Kalami, Lynne and Paul nb Piston Broke joined us sipping drinks and having nibbles. Two of our number made a fuss about not wanting to be in our quiz team, but I think they enjoyed themselves even so. There were several teams and the local cricket club team won the quiz and most of the raffle prizes!  Some people seemed to be on their phones during the evening, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more. We didn’t cheat though and got the booby prize for coming last. A bottle of wine which wasn’t to be sneezed at. While we were there we hired a people carrier to travel south to pick up Bottles elderly parents and his sister who is over from Australia. We took them across for a family gathering and to see their new grandson. It was a lovely sunny day and we all enjoyed our time together. As usual I took many pictures of the event and even Pickle came in at the last moment to pose for me!

IMG_2986 On returning to Oakfield we took advantage of having ‘wheels’ and popped over to Sainsbury's to stock up with food before returning it. We duly printed off the best photos and posted them by snail mail and e-mail and caught up with the washing. We also had showers before filling the water tank, Then it was off to Crick Marina to attend to the ‘black tank’. The LeeSan man was there repairing the pump-out machine, so meanwhile we washed the side of the boat and had coffee. The pic above ifs of the restaurant now called The Moorings. It stands on the old wharf where the water tap is situated.

            IMG_2985                IMG_2923

While we filled with water I was admiring the skilled brickwork on the corner of this building. It’s nice to see a bit of sun and blue skies again, which makes you feel good.

IMG_2993Another lovely little tug-style narrow-boat for one.

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