Saturday, 13 April 2013

Four mile walk.

            IMG_3019                IMG_3018

It was a nice day when we set off back along the towpath, but before we reached the mouth of Crick Tunnel it began to rain. Sheep were grazing over the ridges and furrows that remain from the medieval farming days.

IMG_3024  IMG_3027

After wending our way up a green track we turned left onto the gated road into Crick.

IMG_3028  IMG_3026 

We liked the way these thatched cottages nestled comfortably together all in a row. This was probably a busy farming community once as most of the dwellings have wide gates leading to a small yard behind them. After walking two miles we fell into the Red Lion for a rest and some lunch. We sat by the open fire and hung our coats over the backs of the chairs to dry out, perfick! The place was just as busy as usual and the mulled wine was still flowing Lynne! When we were ‘fed and watered’ and dried out we left, calling into the Co-op for some milk en-route. What we thought may have been ancient burial mounds in a long line through the fields, were in fact spoil heaps from digging the tunnel! What would we do without our informative Nicholson's Guides with their large scale maps of the canals?

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