Monday, 21 January 2013


IMG_2553 B Del and Al came along to visit and after coffee we had  cheese toasties, one of Bottles few specialities! After much chatter we warmed up the bottle of mulled rum punch that was part of my Christmas presents. This filled Oakfield with a lovely aroma, then of course we raised a glass to our new Grandson, lovely jubbly. It was really delicious and gave us all a warm glow inside. Al told us she was on the bus into Rugby yesterday when there were a few mishaps with skidding traffic including the bus. See for the details.


The Blackbirds keep peering into our porthole reminding me that I must get some food for the bigger birds soon. It snowed all day yesterday, now we have about six inches. It was not the usual fluffy snowflakes, but more like tiny balls of ice that descended en-mass.

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Congratulations on the birth of your grandson, which you were so eagerly awaiting when we met you at Rugby. Have fun and take care. Jacq & Stein