Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mystery Man.

IMG_0997 Tramp

We first saw this chap walking the Sharpness Canal towpath towards Gloucester last summer. Well we spotted him again just below Watford Locks heading northwards. Now, just last week, he passed by walking south on the Oxford Canal heading for Braunston. He must be constantly on the move and cover many miles on foot. He seems to have grown a beard for the winter.  Has anyone else seen him on their travels?


One Thing After Another said...

Follow your blog regularly guys, its always an interesting read ;) we've not seen him where we are ( bit far out!) but we do have our very own towpath wonderer that looks a cross between Freddie Mercury and Bob Marley!

Hard to imagine I know, but if you saw, you'd agree!

Anonymous said...

Hi it is me on the photo....I was a bit dimayed to see the photo labeled as tramp. I am now considering legal action for deformation of character. signed the wanderer

bottle said...

Dear Wanderer

How have we deformed your character?