Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Golden Man.

           IMG_2558                IMG_2557

The snow still lay round about ,deep and crisp and even this morning as we scrunched our way to the bus stop. The skies are grey and the mist was descending over the fields. luckily the roads are fairly clear at the moment. We met up with the ‘gang’ and chatted in the warm with drinks and snacks in the Lawrence Sherriff. Afterwards we went our separate ways to stock up our food supplies. As we emerged from Asda we saw this golden man pretending to be a statue, Don’t know who he was supposed to be, but he had a replica gun in his hand and one in the holster on the right!

IMG_2561 BWell we remembered to buy the birds food and put it out as soon as we got back and the birds noticed it right away. The Blackbirds and Robins are my favourites.

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