Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cuddle time.

IMG_2626 B

We have just spent a few days away enjoying ourselves playing with our oldest grandson and having lots of cuddles with our new grandson. IMG_2625 BTravelling down by train we spotted the canal in many of the places where we had previously cruised  on Oakfield. There was still much flooding in the fields, especially around the Tewksbury area. We travelled backwards on the outward journey, but the return journey was much better as we had forward looking seats. As we had a very early morning start we walked to Rugby Station then on to Birmingham rushing across just in time to board the train for Gloucester. A short walk to catch a bus and then another walk after that, phew! At least the weather was kind to us and we didn’t get wet. On the train back from Birmingham we had to stand most of the way as it was crowded. The first class compartment was almost empty. I think it should be made all one class so you can get the seat you have paid for.

We were glad to return to our boat to get the fire going and warm up and settled ourselves down with a hot drink and some toast before crashing into bed exhausted.

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