Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow fun.


It started snowing during the night and I snapped this scene as we walked up over the bridge to catch the bus into Rugby. Our Houdini hatch in the roof over the kitchen was gathering frost on the interior metal surround, then thawing out and dripping on Bottles head when he was doing the washing up. I had bought some double glazing film and we had stuck it up with double sided tape. So our aim today was to buy a hairdryer to heat the film up to make it fit tight. The lowest price hairdryer in Argos was £3.95, ‘cheap as chips’!  We didn’t trust that one though and went for a well known make.

           IMG_2520                 IMG_2518

The lorries had been out and salted the bus routes, but the resulting slush was quite considerable and slippery. This was the scene opposite the bus stop where there was a funeral group going in accompanied by a Piper in a kilt playing his pipes. Some lazy car drivers had piles of snow on their bonnets and half way up their windscreens, so couldn’t see out properly! Most of the waiting bus passengers stand inside Peacocks to keep warm, so we joined them as it was a coldish wind. The bus didn’t arrive so we walked back. Once out of the town the snow was like cotton wool and walking on it was much easier and more fun.


We arrived back at Oakfield and when we opened the front doors the smell of the bread baking was lovely and was ready to take out of the machine. Now we have plenty of food in the cupboards I think we will go into hibernation for a few days and eat our big tin of nuts.

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