Monday, 14 January 2013

Life in the Fridge.


It is chilly outside and the white stuff has begun to fall, but it is toasty and warm here inside Oakfield. Although we like venturing out for the odd day, we seem to be attached by a sort of invisible umbilical cord to get back inside the comfort of the boat. The canal hasn’t frozen over yet, but it may well do later in the week. We have plenty of thing to keep us occupied on board. The pile of books, acquired while perusing the charity shops, is now shrinking slowly. I am also writing my memoirs on the computer which is much easier as I can alter and insert things as I go. The next job will be to sort and arrange all the old family photos to illustrate my ramblings! Luckily my Mother wrote names and dates on the backs of most of them which is proving to be very useful to me now.


The little Moorhens who have made this patch their home left evidence of their visit to us this morning. We have seen the Fox trotting across the nearby field and the Robins and Blackbirds are now relying on us to provide some birdseed for them.

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