Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Norton Junction.

   IMG_2299                  IMG_2296 Braunston 48hrs

Why is the tastiest food always just out of reach?

While we were here Mark came by on his fuel boat ‘Callisto’ and kindly topped up our diesel and coal supplies. We spent a very pleasant few days here in the good company of Del and Al on nb Derwent6. Al and Wozie went off food shopping together to Daventry while Del did his boaty jobs and Bottle did his chairobics! The next day all except Del, seemed to be ‘off colour’ with a bug of some sort. This put us off our food, we had no energy and our joints ached. After a day of only sipping water we began to feel normal again, but still not hungry. We had heard through the grapevine that the New Inn maybe re-opening again shortly which is good news!IMG_2300 The Boat ShopOn leaving we turned right at the junction with another boat coming up behind us from the south. Once through the tunnel we shared the six locks down into Braunston with them which made things much easier. The Boat Shop  is now very well stocked with new canal books and also does instore fresh bread. I took in all the books that we had read for them to sell and they reckon to raise about £200 every year for charity. This year it is for the Macmillan Nurses which is  a very worthwhile cause.IMG_2303 Braunston ChandlersAs usual Braunston seems to be a busy place with hire-boats moored everywhere and  some awaiting to be worked on.IMG_2304 Braunston BoatsTwo boats were in the workshop, with one new-build nearing completion. We pootled past on tick-over and were lucky enough to moor for 48hrs by the marina.

The neighbours were quiet souls, as you can see in the picture at the top!

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