Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Moving on.

IMG_2333We left our lovely mooring in Braunston as we were draining the bottom of the water tank and needed to refill it. We will miss the sheep as they gently wandered too and fro all day nibbling at the grass. Most of them had colourful bottoms, which meant the ram had been busy creating  next years lambs. However we will not miss the quagmire that is the towpath and comes over your boots in places. It is truly amazing just how many people and dogs trample along the towpaths everyday.

IMG_2353Here is a nice example of  of what the canal artist is capable of producing. We wonder if it their dream to cruise along that canal someday, as we also hope to.

          IMG_2322 Snowberries                      IMG_2327 dinner on

It was great to smell the steak slowly cooking all day in our cast iron pot on the Squirrel, yum. I will also be putting some jacket potatoes wrapped in tin foil to cook for 2 hrs down in the ash pan, double yum..

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