Thursday, 8 November 2012

Variable Weather.

IMG_2293 sunset

Although we have had nice sunny spells with some spectacular sunsets, the fields and towpath are somewhat waterlogged. It rained continuously all day on Sunday so it will need more sun and breeze to dry things out a bit. One big bonus is that the rain has washed the outside of boat off, so less cleaning has been required. It’s just a matter of sweeping all the fallen leaves off now and again.

IMG_2295     IMG_2267

It is just amazing how quickly the skies change when I go out to get some weather photos. The Squirrel is now fired up and will be glowing non-stop until the warmer Spring weather comes,ha, ha!  We have had early morning frosts and things feel bitterly cold when it is  windy. I wonder if winter will be upon us earlier this year?

We were pleased to hear that The Cotswold Canal volunteer logging team have sold £30,000 of logs to date. This is a huge boost towards the restoration funding, jolly well done to them all!

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