Monday, 5 November 2012

Long Buckby.

IMG_2275 long buckby

Across the fields, A5, M1 and the railway between the wind-turbines we could see Northamptonshire's second largest village, Long Buckby. It has the only village railway station in the county too! We thought we would make our way there for a mooch about.IMG_2288 lb libraryThere was an octagonal shaped Library and numerous little streets and alleyways to be explored. There were two Chapels, a Church, and Infant/Junior Schools, a Co-op  a pub, pharmacy, butchers, fish and chip, hairdressers, several eateries (Balti, Indian etc) and other specialist shops.

 IMG_2276 Long Buckby     IMG_2277 No3

The Co-op used to overlook the main thoroughfare but has moved and expanded, the old shop is now a fitness centre  .

Down the side streets we found a mixture of old thatched cottages and smart town houses.

IMG_2278 No3     IMG_2283

Some of them had date-stones above their doors with a rose emblem in the centre.

IMG_2284     IMG_2286

This one overlooked the square and we particularly liked the cast ironwork around the balcony above the porch and below the French windows. It’s the sort of house we used to build as children with those shapely wooden bricks we had to play with. This nice old house had it’s own little courtyard entrance, shame the pub was build in front of it shielding it from the sun.

IMG_2282    IMG_2285

We thought these were a nice pair of knockers too!

IMG_2290 laceyOn our way back ‘Lacey’ ran towards us for a bit of fussing, she is twelve years old, but still acts like a puppy. We learnt from her owner that Buckby Wharf had Lime Kilns. Further up the canal there had been a  Brewery and opposite was the pub, next door to what is now The Canal Craft shop. These have all been turned into private residences over the years.

It’s amazing what local history can be gleaned from chatting to local people, isn’t it?

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Arphamoe said...

My daughter lives in one of the cottages by Bridge 12 in Brewery Cottage, and I've been walking her dog whilst they have been away. Saw Oakfield at the Junction - fine boat and I love the array of solar panels! Need some of those on my boat, which I am shortly going to be moving down to Weedon. Enjoy the area, it really is nice (oh, and I just heard that the New Inn has new owners and will soon be baxk in business after some remodelling)