Thursday, 22 November 2012

Guess where?

IMG_2305 B89Here we are on one of our favourite moorings where we have been happily iced in along with our friends in winters past. As there are three water taps along through Braunston we took the opportunity to do as much washing as possible before we moved on. 





Surprisingly few boats are moored hereabouts and only three Long Term Permit Holders remain near Gongoozlers rest.

IMG_2314       IMG_2313

IMG_2306 With all that non-stop heavy rain for 24 hours midweek the canal turned muddy and rose about four inches with quite a flow on it carry debris along.  Unfortunately Bottle had to brave the weather to go into Screwfix in Daventry to buy some new mcb’s. We had sniffed out an electrical smouldering smell coming from the control panel at the stern and turned everything off to investigate. When the switches were removed two of them had melted together. It is amazing how this could be detected from the our chairs in the front of the boat, noses are wonderful things! Meanwhile I went off to Sainsbury's for a few things. We both returned quite soggy and muddy from trudging through the quagmire along the towpath. The mcb’s were duly replaced and we stoked up the fire to dry our sodden clothes and boots. Then we settled down for a rest with a nice warm drink with our favourite Pecan Danish pastries as a sort of reward.


Nev Wells said...

Sounds nice....the warm boat and warm drinks. Any idea why the switches had melted together?

Are you still near the entrance to Braunston marina....I expect my soon to be boat there outside Tony Redshaws unit? NB Percy

Take care

Nev NB Waterlily

bottle said...

Hi Nev

We have moved, as for the mcb's it appears that one had an internal fault (contacts)and melted the one next door, have checked all cabling etc. no faults found.