Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Plenty of water.

IMG_2350 plenty of water

There was a waterfall over the lock-gates when I went up to the Boat Shop for some more of their delicious organic bread. They have been running this little place for sixteen years and during that time have made £5,000 for various charities of their choice.

        IMG_2351 nice ironwork                        IMG_2348 Datestone 1647

They don’t make ‘em like that anymore, do they ? This solid arched iron-work window has been in Braunston Wharf for over 200 years, amazing! Reminiscent of the children's tv programme, Play School, don't you think? I like the mix of coloured stone that was used to build this house. The date-stone inset on the front of it says 1647.

IMG_2328 field flood

  An new lake had appeared in the field by bridge 90 and was increasing by the day. The Seagulls, Canada geese and Ducks were making full use of it too.

IMG_2340Brighton and Nuneaton came past and moored breasted up just beyond bridge 89.

IMG_2342They had made use of one of the wooden posts driven in to support the soft edging, put in about a year ago. IMG_2344The sheep had to learn to tiptoe around all the puddles as the rain drained down from the fields and the water level rose.

          IMG_2329                     IMG_2338 more rain

We had some clear skies with a thin layer of frost appearing overnight. Between the sunny intervals, we had some dramatic grey stormy skies.

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