Thursday, 9 August 2012

Worcester+Birmingham Canal.


We spent a few days at Worcester, as Screwfix was nearby we walked to buy a new water-filter for our kitchen tap. After Bottle had fitted that he cleaned and blacked the Squirrel ready for the winter fires and adjusted the new chimney to fit. Of course we walked in to Wetherspoon’s and he bought me lunch too then we perused the shops. I like going into the Oxfam Bookshop as their books are so well organised that it is easier to find the books you want. I picked up a couple of old canal books as I like to see pictures of the canal as it used to be. Also I found ‘The Poems of W. H.Davies’ for £2.99 containing all 363 of his poems. I couldn’t believe my luck after many years of searching! It must have been my lucky day there as I bought a skirt very cheaply for it’s seven inch zip which I needed to replace the broken one himself had broken on his trousers.

IMG_1639Our next mooring was at Tibberton where there were a family of Moorhens raising their chicks. This one was the ugliest of the bunch and stayed near to the parent bird. Sunday lunch at the Bridge Inn there was very good , as were the puddings.  Anyway I worked mine off by washing and buffing one side and the roof of the boat.

IMG_1644 Dunhapstead Tunnel     IMG_1645

A couple of hours of lock-free cruising took us through Dunhampstead Tunnel to moor at Hanbury Wharf. The Eagle and Sun Pub had a notice out saying ‘closed for repairs’, good news is it will open again shortly.

IMG_1647     IMG_1651

It was a hot day, so we donned the shorts to walk down the Droitwich Canal into town. The towpath edges were clothed in wildflowers of every kind and the insects were busy buzzing around the blooms. After visiting Wilkinson's and Morrison's we took a well earned rest in the ‘Muffin Break’ with a tasty snack. Then it poured with rain, so we waited there for it to stop before venturing back to Oakfield just over a mile away up the locks. The sun beamed down on us warming the herbage and giving off a pleasing green scent as we walked. Back on-board we put our feet up with a welcome drink and read our books.

IMG_1655I think Droitwich is now among our favourite places to visit.

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